AR-Explorer lets you show your digital content in real context!

The platform for great AR experiences.

Positionally tie digital content to its fixed place in the real world, match construction progress with planning, enable indoor navigation, digitally extend exhibits, link IOT to objects, and more. It's all possible with AR-Explorer, the first Spatial Experience Platform (SXP) on the market.

The structure of AR-Explorer SXP

QAR Code, Backend and App in Interaction

The platform for spatial AR experiences

AR-Explorer - The components

Trackable and object link in combination

The QAR code - One-to-one!

The QAR code serves as a trackable for the exact positioning of AR content in the real world and at the same time as a one-to-one link to a digital object of the SXP. 

Content administration and API platform

The backend

The backbone of the system: The digital content is managed and edited in the backend and provided with a world coordinate. Thus, any digital content can be played out exactly positioned in the real world with the help of the QAR code. Existing content from third party platforms can be integrated via the integrated web API.

Intuitive and easy to use

The app

The AR Explorer app is the ultimate tool to discover, create or interact with digital content in the real world. The user interface is self-explanatory, so the app can be used in all kinds of scenarios. If desired, the app can be customized and adapted to your design specifications.

A new dimension of utility!

3D ticket system

With our 3D ticketing system, you can easily implement efficient workflows and generate efficiency gains and cost savings in no time. Locating a defective plant part in a large building, documenting construction defects or performing target/actual comparisons; this can be done quickly and intuitively with the AR-Explorer app in your pocket. The tickets are BCF compliant and can be imported into corresponding BIM authoring programs.

Context is King

Possibilities with AR Explorer

Fairs & Events

From booth visualization before setup to AR navigation in the halls and digital expansion of exhibits: AR-Explorer plays out its full potential at trade fairs!

AR explorer in retail

Using AR navigation, the desired products can be quickly found and configured, added to the watch list or directly to the shopping cart. This turns your sales floor into an interactive hybrid showroom.

Architecture, TGA and construction companies

The target/actual comparison between planning and construction or the visualization of technical building equipment that is either not visible or not yet installed (BIM2Field) can be done quickly with AR Explorer. Construction documentation and reconciliation with the plans (Field2BIM) is also possible with LIDAR-enabled end devices.

Museums & Exhibitions

Link AR content directly to the exhibit with AR Explorer: films, images, texts, further links and information are conveyed directly in the context of the exhibit being viewed. Tours can be compiled in the backend and even audience-specific content (child, adult, specialist) in multiple languages is possible. AR-Explorer is the perfect replacement for your proprietary, headset-based solution.
Application example BIM2Field

React before the error occurs!

A constant control of the construction progress with AR-Explorer creates clarity and documentation of the target-performance comparison.

How it works: Ar-Explorer SXP interfaces with common BIM authoring systems and can import, manage and display IFC files. The AR-Explorer app triggers the relevant models (architecture, structural engineering, TGA) depending on the user's location and permissions. In this way, any user at any location can view the data relevant to him there. The integrated ticket system assigns tasks to the user on site and also allows him to record and document construction defects. The ticket contains precise information about the position in the room and adheres to the BCF standard. Thus, it can be generated on site and imported into the BIM authoring software.

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