AR Explorer app demo at the Viega Cube Aachen

We have now been able to test AR-Explorer at the Viega Cube in Aachen, an installation with an enormous amount of complex technical building equipment (TGA) and therefore an ideal place to test the overlay and the resulting added value of digital 3D and BIM data and reality. Of course, it was particularly exciting to see how well the slam tracking would work on the smartphone.

Our "QAR code" is used for precise positioning in space, even without a GPS signal and other features. It defines the initial pose and creates the prerequisite for the exact overlay of digital data and reality.

The following film, which we created from the video material we brought along, shows how well the whole thing worked:

AR Explorer app demo at the Viega Cube Aachen

It is particularly pleasing that the tracking still worked very accurately after scanning the codes in the "basement" of the cube, even many meters away from it on the second floor.

An interesting feature of the app is the "AR lens", in which only the central image section shows the BIM model. This makes it easier for the viewer in a complex MEP environment to discover concealed pipes "with X-ray vision", so to speak.

Now comes the integration of our ticket system and multilingualism as well as the integration of sensor technology. AR-Explorer can then be used to experience tasks and even sensor data such as temperatures, air quality etc. in the real environment in addition to plans in reality (BIM2FIELD).

If you would like to find out more or use AR-Explorer in your processes, we look forward to hearing from you!


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