AR navigation in the Fraport visitor center

Smart Guide function

With AR Explorer, individual 3D objects can be used as navigation elements. At Fraport, it is the mascot "Fluggi" that shows visitors the way as a virtual tour guide. Simply follow Fluggi and you've landed at the next POI.

3D model as a guide

In the visitor center, the exhibition area is smartly expanded via the visitor's own smartphone and information is played out according to location. "Fluggi" guides visitors from station to station and always points them in the right direction.


Smart location reference

In addition to visual AR navigation via the smartphone's camera, positioning on a 2D map indoors is also possible. The "BlueDot" on the exhibition map is calculated via an algorithm that uses not only Bluetooth beacons but also the smartphone's step sensor, air pressure and compass.

Further Use Cases

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