Ansicht des kalten Nahwärmenetzes unter der Oberfläche


The GeoWaermeWende - a research project funded by the BmWK

Geoportal-based monitoring of a geothermally fed cold local heating network as a contribution to the heat transition with active user integration

As part of a research project on the energy transition, we are determining the potential of passive cold local heating networks for heat supply at neighborhood level. To this end, we are creating a 3D visualization of the cold local heating network in Schifferstadt.

On site, users can use the QAR code on their smartphone to visualize where pipes, geothermal probes and distribution shafts are located in the ground via augmented reality.

The advantages of cold local heating networks are brought to life interactively in the app. This is done using seasonal curves, energy balances and potential CO2 savings.

3D Modell eines kalten Nahwärmenetzes

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