Positionsansicht von Tickets im realen Raum

Efficient facility management with dynamic tickets: the future of building management

Communication plays a crucial role in facility management and the arts. With the increasing complexity of buildings and facilities, effective and transparent communication between different parties is becoming ever more important. This is where dynamic ticket systems come into play - a powerful tool that revolutionizes collaboration in facility management, avoids errors and increases efficiency.

The dynamic tickets allow users to insert and exchange comments, remarks and questions directly in the 3D model of a building, in their own language. These comments are then saved in the form of "tickets" that can be viewed and edited by various project participants. An integrated language AI dynamically translates the ticket into the reader's target language.

The use of ticket systems in facility management offers a number of advantages:

1. Effiziente Kommunikation:

Ticket-Systeme ermöglichen es Facility-Managern, Hausmeistern, Technikern und anderen Beteiligten, Probleme und Anfragen direkt im Kontext des Gebäudemodells zu erfassen. Dies führt zu einer klareren und präziseren Kommunikation, da alle relevanten Informationen sofort sichtbar sind.

2. Transparente Zusammenarbeit:

Durch die Verwendung von Tickets wird die Zusammenarbeit zwischen verschiedenen Abteilungen und externen Dienstleistern transparenter. Jeder kann den Status der Tickets einsehen, Kommentare hinzufügen und den Fortschritt verfolgen. Dies führt zu einer besseren Koordination und effizienteren Arbeitsabläufen.

3. Lückenlose Dokumentation:

Tickets dienen auch als Dokumentations-Werkzeug über die Wartungs- und Reparaturgeschichte eines Gebäudes. Dies ermöglicht es Facility-Managern, wiederkehrende Probleme zu identifizieren und präventive Maßnahmen zu ergreifen, um zukünftige Probleme zu vermeiden.

A typical scenario in which ticket systems are used in facility management is the maintenance of a building. For example, if a janitor notices a faulty air conditioning unit during an inspection, he can create a ticket directly in the building model and mark the exact location. This ticket is then forwarded to the responsible technician who can rectify the problem. Everyone involved can track the progress of the ticket and add further information if required.

The use of tickets in facility management not only offers more efficient communication and collaboration, but also enables buildings to be better managed and optimized in the long term. By taking full advantage of digital technology, this innovative solution helps to overcome the challenges of facility management and improve the efficiency of buildings. AR-Explorer handles tickets in dynamic format and can also comply with the BCF standard (BIM-Collaboration-Format) so that BCF-compliant tickets can be imported and edited directly in BIM authoring systems.


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